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Lift and Tone Buttocks with EMSCULPT NEO for a Non-Invasive Buttocks Lift

With EMSCULPT NEO®, you can get a non-invasive buttocks lift (think Brazilian Butt Lift) and get rid of pancake butt.  EMSCULPT NEO has been specifically designed for building buttocks muscle resulting in a firm, perky booty.1

For a limited time, EMSCULPT NEO treatments are Buy 3, Get 1 Free25% off! In addition, every EMSCULPT NEO treatment comes with $400 in free bonus treatments! Bonus treatments include a free Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening treatment. We stand behind our work with our Real Results Promise™.

Am I an EMSCULPT NEO Candidate?
EMSCULPT Buttocks Treatment Non-Invasive Booty Lift Before EMSCULPT Buttocks Treatment Non-Invasive Booty Lift After

* Individual results vary. See our Real Results Promise™.

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EMSCULPT NEO Buttocks Treatment – Non-Invasive Butt Lift – The Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift

Do you want perkier, stronger, tighter, more well-defined buttocksDo you want to increase muscle definition and strength in your buttocks more rapidly than your gym time allows? EMSCULPT NEO for buttocks is a revolutionary solution to the booty dilemma. EMSCULPT NEO is a reliable treatment for both women and men to build and tone muscle in the booty to achieve a more sculpted appearance.

EMSCULPT NEO is quick and effective — one series of treatments increases muscle mass by 25% in the buttocks! EMSCULPT NEO requires no surgery, no anesthesia and no downtime. You resume your normal activities immediately after the procedure. The convenience and effectiveness of EMSCULPT NEO makes it an attractive option to build buttocks muscle for a non-invasive booty lift without the sweat and time required at the gym.

EMSCULPT Buttocks Non-Invasive Booty Lift

EMSCULPT Buttocks Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Pain or Discomfort?

While pain and discomfort are relative and experiences will vary, EMSCULPT NEO buttocks treatment involves minimal discomfort, if any. During the procedure, you will feel your buttocks muscles contract. The treatment level will be gradually increased by the EMSCULPT NEO Specialist. After treatment, you will feel like your buttocks muscles have been through a workout. Any such feelings will be short-lived.

What Does EMSCULPT NEO Treatment FEEL like?

The EMSCULPT NEO booty lift procedure feels like an intensive workout of muscles in the buttocks area being treated. The variable level is increased by the EMSCULPT NEO Specialist during the course of the treatment based on feedback from you. The level is gradually increased over the series of treatments. You can lay down, relax, watch TV and talk during the treatment. Use of portable electronic devices is not recommended since proximity to the EMSCULPT NEO applicators may cause damage to delicate electronics.

How Long Does the EMSCULPT NEO Treatment Take?

Prior to your treatment, you will come into New Radiance Cosmetic Centers for a free consultation for your buttocks with one of our EMSCULPT NEO Specialists. Depending on what questions you may have, your consultation will take between 15 and 30 minutes.

The EMSCULPT NEO buttocks treatment will take about 30 minutes. Some people may elect to have additional treatments performed. Since EMSCULPT NEO is non-surgical and non-invasive, there is no downtime. You could schedule a treatment for your lunch break and return to work immediately after. Normal physical activities can be resumed immediately after your EMSCULPT NEO.

Can Both Men and Women Treat Their Buttocks?

Of course! Many men AND women choose to use EMSCULPT NEO to build muscle. Women desire a perky, round, tight and lifted buttocks. Men often desire well-defined, firm buttocks muscles, greater muscle strength, and a muscular buttocks. EMSCULPT NEO can help achieve the goals of both men and women by building muscle in the buttocks.

Can I Undergo an EMSCULPT NEO Treatment While Pregnant?

EMSCULPT NEO is FDA-cleared and has helped many people build muscle without sweat and gym time. However, the procedure is not recommended for everyone. Prior to or after pregnancy, EMSCULPT NEO has no negative impact on women. However, pregnant women should no undergo an EMSCULPT NEO treatment.

Can EMSCULPT NEO Tighten Loose Skin?

EMSCULPT NEO is highly effective for building muscle – up to 25% per series of treatments – on the buttocks. EMSCULPT NEO may result in some skin tightening in the treated area. However, EMSCULPT NEO is not a skin tightening treatment. To get you the results you desire, New Radiance Cosmetic Centers includes a complimentary Exilis Ultra treatment ($400 value) to tighten loose skin after your EMSCULPT NEO treatments.

How Many Buttocks Treatments Are Usually Required to See Results?

Every person’s EMSCULPT NEO treatment plan is customized to meet their specific goals. The quantity of EMSCULPT NEO treatments needed to achieve desired buttocks muscle building results is dependent on the amount of muscle increase is desired. While every person is unique and results vary, many people obtain desirable results with just one series of four treatments on the buttocks.

We recommend you contact us to schedule a free consultation with an EMSCULPT NEO specialist. The EMSCULPT NEO specialist will be able to provide answers to specific questions as to the results you can obtain in the treated area.

EMSCULPT Booty Lift Non-Invasive Buttocks Treatment
emsculpt - Non-Surgical Muscle Toning and Fat Reduction

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