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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy was developed as an extension of our commitment to combine the highest quality products and services with the highest level of integrity in dealing with our customers, partners and visitors to our web site. This policy will help you in understanding how we collect, use and safeguard the personal information you provide to use and to assist you in making informed decisions when using our site and our products and services.

What Information Do We Collect?

Two types of information may be collected while visiting our website: website use information and personal information you knowingly disclose on our forms. Completing the “Schedule a Free Consultation” form is equivalent to opting-in/signing up for New Radiance emails using Constant Contact.

Web Site Information

We collect and store information such as Internet domain, IP address, browser type, operating system used, date and time you access our site, pages visited, and links. This information is collected through the trusted companies of Google (Google AdWords and Google Analytics) and Facebook (Facebook Ad Pixel).

Personal Information Voluntarily Provided

If you provide us with personally identifiable information, for example by sending an email or filling out a form and submitting it through our website, we use that information to respond to your message and to help us provide you with the information and services that you request.

Use of Web Site Information Collected

Completing the “Schedule a Free Consultation” form is equivalent to opting-in/signing up for New Radiance emails using Constant Contact. Additionally, we may periodically send you promotional emails about existing or prospective products and services offered by us and our advertisers, as well as to obtain information to better understand our users. We may also use the information you provide to use to contact you for reasons related to your original communication to us. We may also use information you provide to serve your advertisements, and, if you have given your consent for us to do so, to send you emails concerning offers from our partners and other third parties that we think may be of interest to you. We may disclose all of the information we collect about you to our affiliates who offer related goods and services, and to nonaffiliated third parties that perform services on our behalf, including marketing services. New Radiance will use the personally identifiable information submitted by you solely for the purpose for which you have provided it.

Use of Your Email List Information

New Radiance does not rent or sell any email addresses or other contact information that you provide regarding your consultation request. Completing the “Schedule a Free Consultation” form is equivalent to opting-in/signing up for New Radiance emails using Constant Contact.

Email and Direct Response Contact

All of our direct response methods are opt-in. If you subscribed to our email newsletter(s), but do not want to receive it in the future, please follow the “unsubscribe” instructions contained in the newsletter(s). Completing the “Schedule a Free Consultation” form is equivalent to opting-in/signing up for New Radiance emails using Constant Contact.

Postal Address Collection and Use

If you supply us with your postal address online, we will use it to send you the information for which you provided us your address. If you supply us with your telephone number online, we will use it to contact you with information regarding your account, orders you have placed, or with information regarding your inquiry. We may send you information about additional services that we offer, but we will not rent or sell your contact information to any third parties.


We, and some of our partners who provide some of the services and products on our site, use cookies to record session information, such as past activity at a site, browser type, or other information that the visitor sends. This information is recorded in order to optimize the users’ experience on our site.

Copyright and Trademark Infringement

Anyone who displays, reproduces, copies, creates derivative works, or sells our textual, photographic, video or audio visual programs for commercial or non-commercial purposes without our permission violates the copyright laws and is liable for copyright infringement.

All content and photographs provided by our customers is deemed to have appropriate copyright/authorization to be published. We are not responsible for files (including, but not limited to photos, content, images, et al) provided by our customers and used on their websites or in their printed materials.

Anti-Spam Policy

New Radiance takes spam very seriously and strictly prohibits spamming activities of any kind to occur on our networks.

The transmission, distribution, or delivery of any unsolicited commercial email (“Spam”) is prohibited. Spamming is a serious offense that New Radiance Cosmetic Center of Palm Beach does not permit.

Additionally, emails sent, or caused to be sent, to or through the services must adhere to the following:

Prohibits false or misleading header information. Your email’s “From,” “To,” and routing information — including the originating domain name and email address — must be accurate and identify the person who initiated the email.

Prohibits deceptive subject lines. The subject line cannot mislead the recipient about the contents or subject matter of the message.

Requires that your email give recipients an opt-out method. You must provide a return email address or another Internet-based response mechanism that allows a recipient to ask you not to send future email messages to that email address, and you must honor the requests. You may create a “menu” of choices to allow a recipient to opt out of certain types of messages, but you must include the option to end any commercial messages from the sender.

Any opt-out mechanism you offer must be able to process opt-out requests for at least 30 days after you send your commercial email. When you receive an opt-out request, the law gives you 10 business days to stop sending email to the requester’s email address. You cannot help another entity send email to that address, or have another entity send email on your behalf to that address. Finally, it’s illegal for you to sell or transfer the email addresses of people who choose not to receive your email, even in the form of a mailing list, unless you transfer the addresses so another entity can comply with the law.

Requires that commercial emails be identified as an advertisement and include the sender’s valid physical postal address. Your message must contain clear and conspicuous notice that the message is an advertisement or solicitation and that the recipient can opt out of receiving more commercial email from you. It also must include your valid physical postal address.

Unauthorized use of the services in connection with the transmission of unsolicited email, including the transmission of email in violation of this policy, may result in civil, criminal, or administrative penalties against the sender and those assisting the sender.

If you would like to unsubscribe from our mailings or communications at any time, please send email to