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Our EMSCULPT NEO Specialists are ready to help you achieve your body sculpting goals! Contact the EMSCULPT NEO Specialist closest to you to connect directly and book a consultation. We stand behind our work with our Real Results Promise™.

Heather Davis

Heather Davis

EMSCULPT NEO Specialist - Fort Lauderdale

Heather Davis born and raised in Los Angeles, has been a body sculpting professional for 7 years and has treated over 2,000 patients. She has been working in esthetics as a medical esthetician and consultant for the past 12 years in Beverly Hills, California. Heather is an expert in body contouring and skin rejuvenation esthetic technologies.

“EMSCULPT NEO is a fantastic recent treatment that transforms patients by building muscle, improving muscle tone and reducing fat. My goal is to get the best results for each patient, I love making my patients feel and look beautiful and have been able to achieve that over many years with the latest technologies available and most recently with EMSCULPT NEO!”

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Morgan Smith

Morgan Smith

EMSCULPT NEO Specialist - Palm Beach Gardens

Morgan has been a body sculpting specialist for over 5 years and has performed more than 1,000 treatments, making her an expert in body contouring. Since its recent introduction, she has been impressed with the results EMSCULPT NEO provides has become one of her favorite treatments to perform.

“As an experienced EMSCULPT NEO technician, I strive to deliver the best results possible by customizing treatment plans to address patients’ goals! I love what I do, being able to help people feel more confident is very rewarding.”

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