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Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening Treatment Included Free

$400 Value – Only at New Radiance Cosmetic Centers

Included to Tighten Up Loose Skin After Your EMSCULPT NEO® Treatment

EMSCULPT NEO is a fantastic non-invasive muscle toning and fat reduction treatment1, but it is not designed to tighten skin. At New Radiance Cosmetic Centers, we offer a complimentary Exilis Ultra skin tightening treatmenta $400 value – to tighten loose skin that may result from substantial fat loss following your EMSCULPT NEO treatment. Exilis Ultra is the newest and most advanced non-surgical skin tightening and tissue lifting procedure available. Complementing EMSCULPT NEO with Exilis Ultra allows us to get the best of both technologies to give you the tighter, trimmer result that you desire.

Eight weeks after your EMSCULPT NEO procedure, we will perform your free Exilis Ultra treatment to tighten skin and further sculpt and tone the treated area.

We stand behind our work with our Real Results Promise™.

Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening

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